P Jørgensen, Relmic Statute, Ithaca Trio

P Jørgensen, Relmic Statute and Ithaca Trio.  Live at the Packhorse, Leeds.  22nd September 2010. Five pounds advance tickets (more on the door).

More info via Facebook and Last.fm. Alternatively, join our Facebook group to keep updated.

The artists;

Peter Jørgensen, Copenhagen (Low Point, Monotype, Under The Spire)

Kim (excerpt) by p jørgensen

Latest Release via Boomkat – Palimpsest (with Peter Broderick) – SOLD OUT

Relmic Statute, Leeds (Hibernate, Cotton Goods)

Relmic Statute : 0500hrs by hibernate

Latest Release via Boomkat – Morning Tapes – SOLD OUT

Ithaca Trio, Leeds (Under The Spire)

Kaya in Fluidic Space by Ithaca Trio

Latest Release via Boomkat – Tesla Verses The Night – SOLD OUT


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