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Par Avion by Ithaca Trio & Machinefabriek
Par Avion - Front_spreadPar Avion - Back_spread
Par Avion - FrontPar Avion - Open_disc
Par Avion - Front_2Par Avion - Back
Machinefabriek & Ithaca Trio split CD. Released in oversized, A5 packaging. Art and Design by Rutger Zuydervelt. Limited to 100 copies.


Ithaca Trio:
1. Orca Towards Ground (1:46)
2. Archaeologists and Double Bass (7:06)
3. For Ailing Health (5:04)
4. Architecture and Quantum Physics (2:32)

5. The Desolate Delay (7:16)
6. The Harmed Harp (7:48)

PAR AVION is now on sale. However, until we can sort out some issues with Paypal/Wordpress compatability, please email comaacademics[at] to place an order and we’ll process it through Paypal.
We have a temporary solution, and are now selling Par Avion through a Big Cartel shop. European customers, please select the ‘Netherlands’ option to avoid paying the ‘Everywhere else’ p&p costs. If anything does go wrong though, please use the comaacademics[at] email as before. PAR AVION is now sold out. Thank you boys and girls who bought us out in under a week. For those late to the party, better luck next time – there might be a download floating around in the future, eyes peeled. Good night.

Prices are:
£8 – including UK postage
£8.50 – including European postage
£9 – including Rest of the World postage

Note: We have some spare copies of the A5 packaging. If you would like an additional copy of the artwork to keep as an seperate print, drop a message in with your order and we’ll be more than happy to oblige! (I’ve got a copy of the inside artwork on my wall, it is lovely!)